A good quality commercial grade microwave offers a range of features

Easy to use and versatile

Hisco have a widest selection of Bonn Commercial Microwave Perth has to offer. Shunned by traditionalists and Chefs, the microwave can often be a topic of controversy in a commercial kitchen. We have come to know and love the convenience and versatility that microwaves offer in the home, but their popularity is now on the rise in commercial settings. The ease-of-use, versatility and ability to quickly and efficiently cook and reheat food make a commercial microwave an almost essential appliance.

A good quality commercial grade microwave offers a range of features that a domestic microwave can’t match:

  • High Usage: Microwaves intended for use in a busy kitchen need to be able to handle repeated us, time after time. The quality and durability of a commercial microwave allow it to be used over 200 times a day, this is compared to a domestic one that is only recommended to be used about 5 times daily.

  • No Turntable: Domestic microwaves commonly use a turntable to distribute heat. This is inefficient when compared to the stirrer systems that a commercial microwave uses. Even heat distribution results in faster cooking times and more even reheating.

  • Simple Controls: Large control panels make for easy adjustments to cooking times and heat settings whilst juggling hundreds of tasks in a busy kitchen.

  • Cleaning: The lack of a turntable allows commercial microwaves to be cleaned regularly with ease.

  • The Menumaster and Bonn range of microwaves include all of the features listed above, making them some of the most versatile and high-quality units on the market.

    At Hisco we are specialists in kitchen equipment for the design and fitout of commercial kitchens within Perth. With decades of experience behind us, we are the trusted name behind some of WA’s largest and most popular restaurants, bars and venues.


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