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Commercial Cooktop Perth, Hisco stock a wide range of commercial cooktop, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. When choosing a commercial cooktop you need to consider which model best suits your unique needs. Available space, cooktop unit configuration and power source are all important factors.

  • Size: Freestanding, countertop, 4 burners or 8 burners… there is a wide range of specifications that need to be considered before purchasing a cooktop. All these different configurations ensure there is a cooktop that will perfectly fit the needs of your kitchen.

  • Fuel: Natural gas, LPG or electric. As always you are best to choose an appliance that runs off a fuel source that is readily available in your kitchen.

  • Configuration: Most cooktops are configured with either 4, 6 or 8 traditional burners. However, modern units are being produced with specialised cooking surfaces like griddles and wok burners.

  • Storage: A shelf is available underneath most freestanding cooktops offering increased storage, some models are even equipped with cabinet style storage for extra convenience.


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