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Convection Oven Perth. Convection ovens produce a dry heat that is perfect for when you need to roast, bake or fry certain foods. Including a stand-alone convection oven increases the flexibility that you have during service times. By pairing a convection oven and a steamer you are able to cook using two different methods simultaneously. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your next oven:

  • Fuel Source: Your decision to use natural gas, LPG or electricity all depends on which type of fuel is readily available in your location.

  • Size: Ovens are available in full or half size. This helps when customising a kitchen layout that may have compromised space. Oven size should also reflect the output a kitchen is likely to produce.

  • Analogue vs Digital: Many new ovens offer digital touch screens. These screens can help with accurate temperature settings as well as offer intuitive design that kitchen staff can quickly master.

  • Stackable: Certain ovens can be stacked on top of each other to further help with space savings. If your kitchen is running tight on space then this solution could be a lifesaver.


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