A necessary piece of equipment for any deli or butcher, restaurant or cafe

Cut meat with precision and ease

Hisco have a wide range of Noaw Commercial Meat Slicers Perth. A meat slicer is a necessary piece of equipment for any deli or butcher, as well as restaurants or cafes that prefer to serve freshly sliced cold meats. Commercial meat slicers cut meat with precision and ease, helping to reduce the burden and stress on kitchen workers.

When choosing a meat slicer for your business there is a range of things to keep in mind to ensure you pick a machine that can fulfil the task at hand. It is important to take into account what types of food product you will be slicing, the volume of meat you will be processing per day and also the frequency of use that your meat slicer will be exposed to. Generally, there are three levels of machine, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Entry-Level: Ideal for smaller venues or restaurants where the machine is only used a few times a day. This level of machine offers basic meat slicing features and is limited in its functionality.

  • Mid-Range: Able to handle a lot more frequent use than an entry-level machine, these meat slicers can also be used to occasionally slice cheese as well as meats. Safety features are usually more enhanced than on a beginner machine and the larger blade size allows for a wider application.

  • Top-Shelf: These premium offerings offer all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a machine at this price. Fast and efficient performance is coupled with enhanced safety features to allow repeated all-day use. Premium machines can also handle constant cheese slicing, something that the cheaper commercial meat slicers can’t.



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