Convotherm C4EBD10.10C Combi Oven

11 Tray

Convotherm C4EBD10.10C Combi Oven 11 Tray Electric


  • Boiler system
  • ACS+ (Advanced Closed System +) operating modes: Steam, Combi-steam, Convection
    • ACS+ Extra Functions:
    - Crisp&Tasty - 5 moisture-removal settings
    - BakePro – 5 levels of traditional baking
    - HumidityPro - 5 humidity settings
    - Controllable fan – 5 speed settings
  • EasyDial: all functions can be set on one operating level
  • ConvoClean fully automatic cleaning system
  • HygienicCare
  • USB port integrated in the control panel
  • TriColor indicator ring - indicates the current operating status
  • Steam generated by high-performance boiler outside the cooking chamber
  • Right-hinged appliance door


  • Steam and vapour removal (built-in condensation hood)
  • Grill model with grease collection
  • Marine model
  • Ethernet / LAN interface
  • Available in various voltages
  • Sous-vide sensor, with external socket
  • Core temperature sensor, with external socket
Convotherm C4EBD10.10C Combi Oven 11 Tray Electric

Standard Features

  • ACS+ operating modes:
    - Steam (30-130°C) with guaranteed steam saturation
    - Combi-steam (30-250°C) with automatic humidity
    - Convection (30-250°C) with optimised heat transfer
  • HygienicCare: safety through antibacterial surfaces
    - easyDial control panel
    - Door handle and recoil hand shower
  • EasyDial user interface:
    - Central control unit, Convotherm Dial (C-Dial)
    - Digital display
    - Regenerating function - regenerates products to their
    peak level
    - 99 cooking profiles containing up to 9 steps
  • Multi-point core temperature sensor
  • Door handle with safety latch and sure-shut function
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • Data storage for HACCP figures
  • Preheat and Cool down function
  • ConvoClean fully automatic cleaning system, including optional single-measure dispensing


Dimensions (WxDxH) 875 x 792 x 1058 mm
Working Height 442 mm
Shelf Distance 68mm
Weight 135kg
Packed Dimensions (WxDxH) 1110 x 940 x 1280 mm
Rate Power Consumption 19.5 kW




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