Noaw NS300 Slicer 300mm Medium Duty Manual Feed

Roband Australia has represented Noaw throughout Australasia for more than 20 years. With more than 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of foodservice equipment, Roband Australia fully supports the Noaw product portfolio and provides a full range of spare parts and service agents for the range throughout the region.

Noaw NS300 Slicer 300mm Medium Duty Manual Feed


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 28 MJ/hr open burners
  • Flame failure standard
  • Pilot burners optional
  • 300mm, 600mm, and 900mm griddle
  • plate options
  • Optional simmer plates
  • GN 2/1 gas static oven
  • Drop down door
  • Rear rollers
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Easy clean
  • Easy service
  • Fully modular
  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Welded hob with 1.5mm 304 stainless steel bull nose
  • Hob sides 1.2mm 304 stainless steel
  • Splashback 1.2mm 304 stainless steel
  • Front panels and oven sides 0.9mm 304 stainless steel
  • Vitreous enamelled hob control panel
  • 63mm dia. heavy-duty 1.2mm 304 stainless steel adjustable legs at front and two rollers at rear
Noaw NS300 Slicer 300mm Medium Duty Manual Feed
  • Fully welded and vitreous enamelled oven liner
  • GN 2/1 capacity with 4 position racking
  • Heavy-duty easy remove heavy wire chrome rack supports
  • Cast iron even heat oven sole plate
  • 30MJ oven burner
  • Pilot and flame failure with piezo ignition
  • Drop down door
  • 0.9mm 304 stainless steel door outer
  • 1.0mm vitreous enamelled door inner
  • High density fibreglass insulated
  • Supplied with two chrome wire oven racks
  • Large easy use control knob - heat resistant reinforced
  • Easy view control settings on knob
  • Variable high to low controls to open burners
  • Open burners flame failure standard with pilot burners optional
  • Variable high to low controls to griddles
  • Griddles standard with pilot, flame failure and piezo ignition
  • 80-300°C thermostatic control
  • Piezo ignition to pilot burner
  • Flame failure


Blade Diameter 330 mm
Height of Cut 220 mm
Length of Cut 260 mm
Slice Thickness 0 - 13mm
Blade Speed 310 RPM
Angle of Feed 45 Degrees
Motor Power 250 Watts
Net Weight 20kg





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