Roband Robatherm UDS10VP Urn 10ltr

These Robatherm Hot Water Urns feature a unique mode selector switch that allows either variable or pre-set temperature control, providing ultimate flexibility and ease of use. With the mode set to variable, the temperature can be controlled across a wide range via the graduated knob. Variable mode will suit those users who require warm or boiling water for their special application. Switching the mode selector to pre-set will fix the temperature at 95 ºC, the optimal temperature for most applications involving tea and coffee. Using pre-set mode offers a fast and easy setup, achieving consistent temperatures every time. Adjustment of the knob in pre-set mode has no effect on the temperature setting of the urn – it remains constant at nominal 95 ºC. This prevents continuous boiling and excessive consumption of energy.

Roband Robatherm UDS10VP Urn 10ltr


  • Mode selector switch for either variable or pre-set 95 ºC temperature control
  • Available in 10, 20 or 30 litre sizes
  • Double skinned tank construction for safe side temperatures, less than 50 ºC
  • Long life concealed elements allowing easy cleaning inside the urn
  • Stylish brushed finish stainless steel exterior
Roband Robatherm UDS10VP Urn 10ltr
  • High grade 304 stainless steel inner tank
  • Sturdy stainless steel non-drip tap
  • Twist-lock lid with steam vent
  • Sight-glass with cup capacity graduations
  • Boil dry protection


Dimensions (DxH) 240 x 480
Capacity 50 Cups
Power Watts 2300
Current Amps 10.0




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