Robot Coupe R3 Cutter Mixer 3.7ltr With SS Bowl

Robot Coupe R502 Combination Food Processor SS Bowl


  • Polycarbonate lid designed to allow the addition of liquid or ingredients during processing.
  • 4.5-litre stainless-steel bowl with handle for the R 4 and R 4 V.V. models and 3.7-litre stainless-steel bowl with handle for the R 3 model.
  • The R 4 V.V. has a speed range of 300 to 3,500 rpm.
  • A smooth blade is supplied as a standard attachment, with cap which can be removed for cleaning.
  • Optional extras: Coarse serrated blade assembly for grinding and kneading tasks. Fine-serrated blade assembly recommended for chopping parsley.
  • The R 3 has a single speed of either 1500 or 3000 rpm, depending on the model.
Robot Coupe R3 Cutter Mixer 3.7ltr With SS Bowl
  • High Performance: They have been designed to process all types of food and will mix, grind, chop, knead and puree with speed and efficiency, giving consistent righ quality end-products in a few minutes for the longest preparation. The 3,000 rpm speed is recommended for mousses and smooth-textured mousses.
  • Precision: Pulse control allows you to maintain the precise cut that you require. Some models in the range are equipped with a speed variator giving flexibility for a wider range of tasks.
  • Power and durability: Industrial induction motor designed for heavy duty guarantees durability and reliability.


Dimensions (WxDxH) 210 x 320 x 400mm
Course Chopping Up To 1kg
Emulsions Up To 1.5kg
Pastry Dough Up To 1kg
Grinding Up To 0.5kg
No of Covers 10 to 30




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