The staple item that you will find in just about every office, restaurant or hospital facility

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Hisco have a wide selection of Kettles and Roband Urns Perth. A good quality kettle or urn is a staple item that you will find in just about every office, restaurant or hospital facility. When choosing a kettle or urn for your facility there are a few important features that you should keep in the front of your mind in order to ensure you choose an item that suits your needs.

  • Urn: An urn has a much larger water capacity than a standard kettle which allows it to service a much larger crowd than a kettle could handle. Urns also have the ability to maintain a constant water temperature for a long period of time

  • Kettle: A staple of every office, kitchen and hotel room worldwide. A standard kettle can quickly and efficiently boil water. For smaller applications, the kettle is an obvious choice because it has a small footprint and takes up minimal bench space. Kettles are limited in size, so may not be suitable for venues requiring a large and constant output of hot water. Many modern kettles offer features such as quiet boiling and specific water temperature settings, allowing you to adjust the heat levels for specific needs.

  • Hot Water Unit: If your venue requires a continuous supply of hot water then an inbuilt system may be the way to go. These units offer on-demand hot water supply. The built-in design makes these systems perfect for busy venues because they don’t require constant refilling. The wall-mounted nature of the unit also helps to clear valuable bench space for other appliances.



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