A good quality griddle or grill station can be a real lifesaver

The truly versatile appliance

Hisco has a largest selection of Unox Grill Station Perth has to offer. Versatile and ready to tackle any task you can throw on it, a good quality griddle or grill station can be a real lifesaver in a bustling commercial kitchen. Whether you want to toast a sandwich, cook a hamburger or fry up some bacon and eggs, a high-quality grill station should be your go-to appliance.

Unox grill stations and griddles have been manufactured to last and come with a 12-month warranty. Look out for these features when comparing different models:

  • Smooth plate vs ribbed plate: Smooth griddle surfaces are perfect for all foods that you would usually cook in a frying pan. The much larger surface area of these smooth griddles allows you to cook a greater volume of food compared to a frying pan. The ribbed cooking surface of a grill has raised ridges that leave distinctive ‘grill marks’ on your food, these raised ridges also serve the dual benefits of allowing excess fat and oil to easily drain away.

  • Non-stick coating: A number of the Unox grills are available in a non-stick finish. This layer of Teflon coating means foods won’t stick during the cooking process and also makes the cleaning process easier.

At Hisco we are specialists in kitchen equipment for the design and fitout of commercial kitchens within Perth. With decades of experience behind us, we are the trusted name behind some of WA’s largest and most popular restaurants, bars and venues.


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