Varsity Bar - Waterford, Morley, Joondalup

Hisco supplied commercial kitchen products to three of the bar locations
FIRST EVER IN PERTH – SKOPE ICE RAIL, Manufactured Specifically for Varsity Bar Joondalup.

Varsity Bar Nedlands was opened in March of 2013 by a trio of fresh faced, well travelled, party loving, soul food eating lads and since then has gone from strength to strength. The American Sports Bar theme that is prevalent throughout the venue creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere that is inviting for all types of people and all ages.

Varsity Bar’s ethos is simple…. “Good times are to be had by all !!”

The process is also simple…. plenty of sport, good food and drink, happy staff, the right pricing, and listen to the customers.

American College
Themed Bar

Varsity Bar Waterford

230 Manning St
October 2016

This was our first opportunity to impress the Varsity Bar Team with our commercial equipment expertise. This huge venue was already decked out with kitchen equipment from previous tenants however we did supply a few pieces to help turn this into a fast pace, quality Varsity kitchen


Waldorf Fryers, FED Black Panther Pizza Oven, Various Stainless steel Benches.

Varsity Bar Morley

33 Rudloc Road Morley
November 2017

Satisfied with our service for Varsity Waterford next was the Morley Bar. Originally Mean Machines, we had a few months to transform the existing kitchen to a Varsity specification. Due to license restrictions the bar was fitted inside a shipping container, which only added to the almost street food atmosphere. As always the owners knew what they were doing and the finished result was a laid back Americano style burger joint with arcade games, pool and table tennis to keep even the fussiest patron entertained.


Skope Backbar x fridges for the original container Bar, Blue Seal Fryers, Blue Seal Griddle , Skope Centaur Prep Fridge, Various Stainless Steel Benches, Woodson Starline Conveyor toaster.

Varsity Bar Joondalup  

20 Reid Promenade Joondalup
April 2018

Probably the biggest Varsity Project from the Hisco supply point. With a bar that runs almost the whole length of the venue, it required 6 Skope Backbar fridges in Black to give the bar an overall sleek and sophisticated look .

We also enlisted Skope's help to manufacture three ice rails specifically for this venue. Running off a refrigerated compressor these rails that lay flush in the bar top, coating themselves in a layer of ice and keeping your beers icy cold to the last drop.

With a few pieces of equipment already existing from the previous tenants, Hisconfe added a Rational Cooking Centre, a couple of heavy duty Blue Seal deep fryers and the Black Panther Pizza Oven to keep the menu consistent and just as delicious as the previous venues.

The Venue overall is in keeping with the Americano Sports Bar/Burger Joint feel but on steroids.  The biggest Varsity venue yet and if you are a sports fanatic, you will not be disappointed.


Skope Back bar fridges, Blue Seal Fryers, Waldorf Griddle, Woodson Starline Conveyor Oven, Rational 10 tray Combi Oven, FED Black Panther Pizza oven, Skope Centaur Pizza Fridge , Skope Centaur Bench Fridges,  Various Stainless Steel Benches, Robot Coupes.


FIRST EVER IN PERTH – SKOPE ICE RAIL, Manufactured Specifically for Varsity Bar Joondalup.


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